Frequently Asked Questions – Jobseekers


What is the cost for jobseekers?

It’s free. You can sign-up, make a resume, and apply for jobs all for free.


Can I upload multiple resumes?

No. Our CV generator allows you to build one perfect CV. We know that your CV needs to highlight your experience and match the job you’re looking for, so each user can upload multiple attachments to be even more attractive to companies.


No job matches my requirements. What do I do?

We get new jobs added every week so we suggest you regularly come back to check for new postings. We also suggest you create the strongest resume possible so that companies searching for people will find and contact you. If you need any help, visit our Job Journal page.


How do I manage my applications?

We provide a simple page that lets you see what jobs you applied for and when. You can also save your applications.


How can I find out about the status of my application?

Your application is managed by the company, not by Jumia Jobs. Still, we allow you and the employer to write comments on the website, so you know faster if you’re invited to that interview.


Can I save the jobs I’m interested in?

Yes! We provide a feature that allows you to select and save the jobs of your interests. This means you can come back and apply when you and your resume is ready.


What can I do to increase the chance of being recruited?

Create a resume that really stands out in search results. You want to highlight your specific experiences and roles so that companies know you will be a fit. Adding more experience, education, and skills is helpful. Also select your desired job so that our search filters can automatically link you to interesting employers. This also makes it easier for companies to find you when they’re searching for CVs.