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At the end of every business activity there is a transaction during which the product or the service produced by the company is sold to the customer. Therefore jobs in sales are crucial in a business requiring the necessary persuasion to convince the customer to buy the product or service, and not that of a competitor. Sales roles are two pronged; they involve both the maintenance of client relationships with existing customers the search for new clients. Repeat sales are important in the continual generation of custom for a business emphasizing the importance in preserving customer loyalty. The search process involves the generation of leads – seen as the means of obtaining new custom.

Sales plays an essential role in the commercial environment as companies require the sale of their goods or services in order to continue to operate. This means that sales provide organisations with the possibility of profit or loss. Even the most innovative, blue-sky thinking company requires sales to secure its livelihood and allow its operations to continue – signifying the importance of the sales function. This function takes place both between businesses (B2B) and between business and consumer (B2C). Sales has much in common with the marketing industry and is frequently seen as the final stage of the marketing process, in which the job sets out to convert consumers’ positive associations into concrete sales. Sales jobs can take place in offices, over the phone and via email communication, but also in the field in positions that involve the salesman or woman going out to deal with clients on a face-to-face basis. A variety of jobs are available in the industry including positions as a Sales Manager or Sales Assistant.

Responsibilities of a Sales Manager

Those in the position must be able to negotiate with the clients, and should have a thorough understanding of the product portfolio in order to pitch their company credibly. The sales manager is the one responsible for establishing and maintaining strong relationships throughout the sales cycle. Some of the most common responsibilities of sales managers that exist across industries (although they won’t be the same everywhere) are as follows:

  • Responsible for appropriately presenting the product/service to customers
  • Responsible for negotiating with the customer
  • Responsible for conveying the customer requirements to the product management department
  • Responsible for the delivery of the product/service.
  • Responsible for maintaining strong client relationships with dealers and wholesalers
  • Understanding the market and meeting customer expectations

Qualifications required to fill a sales vacancy in Uganda

To land a job role in the area, strong social skills are required, as you will be interacting with a company’s main clients whether they be business or consumer. As sales involves working with customers, it is important you have the ability to delve into the mindset of the client, at times second guessing them to hone in on their core need for the output you are offering. Most of all, a sales manager requires a positive mindset and the ability to handle rejection. Not every customer will have the same needs – more importantly you need to be able to understand the needs of the customer during the negotiation process. The self motivation to convince someone, initiate a buying process and then lead it to completion is the key to success in sales. Qualifications that may improve your chances to land a sales job are:

  • A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Business Management or Marketing
  • A graduate degree in Media and PR studies
  • Experience in the sales force of any firm

It has been observed that the above mentioned qualifications are add-ons. Mostly firms look for the right personality, positive attitude, communication skills and commercial awareness while hiring personnel to fill their sales vacancies. Candidates with work experience in a customer-facing environment are more likely to stand out.

Sales vacancies in Uganda for entry level graduates

For entry level positions, various firms have graduate training programs, where companies recruit for sales positions and train graduates, mostly for a year, to hone their skills before sending them into the field to join sales teams. In the increasingly globalised marketplace, positions in sales are crucial in furthering international trade. Sales jobs offer a highly interpersonal career opportunity, so if you think you have the charm and drive to excel, why not check out sales positions and apply through Jumia Jobs now.

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