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Interested in working as a steward in Uganda?

With the booming economy of the country, the hospitality industry is definitely on the rise. Uganda is a great tourist destination, and with a positive economy the number of hotels in the country are bound to increase. With this, there will also be a rise  in the demand for a skilled staff, which means the hospitality industry will offer a lot of excellent opportunities.  If you work as a steward in a hotel, your job prospects are looking bright.

A steward job is not limited to hotels, but to the entire hospitality industry. You can either be a steward in a restaurant, for a flight carrier, at a hotel or even a cafeteria. The job vacancies on offer will vary widely and if you look in the right place you could land your dream job. If you would still want to browse further, please check our jobs in the hospitality industry.

What exactly does a steward do?

The tasks of a steward can be classified into  three broad categories. They are as follows:

  • Cleaning and maintenance – depending on where you will be working, you would be required to keep the place clean. You could either be appointed to the kitchen or the rooms or even the pantry. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the place at all times is a necessity and would be a vital part of your job role.

  • Inventory management – you would need  to keep a regular check on the flow of inventory. You would be responsible for accepting deliveries of stocks and then placing them in the right place. This is important as a constant flow and stocking of goods is important for the smooth functioning of the business.

  • Reporting – In order to keep track of the business activities and to ensure that everything is in order, you would need to report to your manager on a timely basis. In cases where there is a problem that can harm the business or is against the security norm, immediate reporting to the manager is a must.

What would you require?

Most employers are not looking for a highly qualified person, but  some education , like a high school diploma, is usually preferred. In cases where there is an opening for a flight steward, a degree or diploma in hospitality management can often be the minimum. A friendly attitude would be beneficial, as you would most likely be working in a position where you would deal with customers and guests. Employers will be on  the look out for an enthusiastic, high spirited person to fill vacancies as needed. Some jobs require physical stamina, as a result, an active person with an on the go attitude would be valuable.

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