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Over the past 50 years, the development of computers has enabled the creation of an entirely new field of expertise: software design. Computers work like binary brains: they can execute virtually any task so long as it is expressed as a logical sequence of commands. Over the years, hardware and software engineers have worked together to create programming languages as an interface between the developer and the computer so that programmers wouldn’t have to write binary code. Today the software industry is one of the largest in the world, as automation has enabled drastic cost savings for many companies. As a result, software developer vacancies have been opening worldwide, particularly in emerging countries investing heavily in technical education.

Career prospects

Software developer careers are known to be highly rewarding and challenging. Most developers start off as programmers and specialise in one particular area after two or three years: web, software, iOS, Android, front-end, back-end…there are many options! Your specialisation usually depends on the programming language you chose to focus on: python and C++ are usually reserved to highly sophisticated algorithms when PHP and JavaScript are usually used for internet-based applications. After another three to five years as a specialised full-stack developer, you can move on to a project management position and be in charge of your own team of developers. This position will however require management skills and it is quite common for successful developers to go back to school after some years to complete a management degree before moving up the hierarchy. After some years as a project manager, the possibilities are countless. You could go on to become an IT manager, or even to a CTO position if you build a strong enough network and skillset.

What are the main tasks involved in the job?

Software development can include a wide array of things. However some of the most common daily tasks might include:

  • Writing code to build a specific function or fix a bug
  • Read bug reports and try to identify possible causes
  • Stay up to date with technology and the tech community
  • Test programs before their release and identify bugs
  • Optimise existing software to optimise the computing power needed to run it

What are the main requirements to land a software developer job in Uganda?

Most recruiters would expect at least a bachelor’s degree in order to consider your application. However, keep in mind that in the software industry, it is very easy to show your accomplishments by simply running the code you wrote on a computer. Therefore, if you’re a self-taught developer, you can still land the job, but you’re going to need to be able to prove your skills somehow.

Developers are often highly focused people, with a genuine interest in mathematics and technology. Development requires a lot of relentless trying and failing until you finally get the code right, and the software runs smoothly. It is therefore advisable to be patient and persevering. Finally, if you want to make it to management positions, you should practice your communication and presentation skills, as they are key to any position with management responsibilities or client interaction.

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