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Project Manager jobs in Uganda

As the economy of the country is booming, companies are expanding rapidly. A great way to accelerate their growth is to start a number of projects locally to test the market and attempt market entry. As the number of ongoing projects is increasing in the country, so is the demand for project managers to oversee them. If you’re looking for a project management job, Uganda has a lot of exciting opportunities to offer.

What is project management?

The traditional definition of management is to plan, implement, monitor, and deliver on a set of objectives. According to Mintzberg, managers are to assume interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. That is exactly what project managers do. They are tasked with a specific project, with its inherent risks and potential returns, and are expected to deliver on the objectives agreed upon within a given deadline. They usually have to staff their own team of analysts, salesmen, web or software developers, and a finance manager and a marketing executive although depending on their background and the resources allocated to the project, they can also assume one of these roles.

Taking on this job role usually requires some prior working experience in your field as you will have to oversee the activities of a team of specialists. It is usually the first step toward a management career, in which you will eventually be able to land top executive jobs. Salaries are usually much higher when you have “manager” in your job title, however responsibilities are much more important too. Whatever your team does wrong will be on you. Make sure you staff the team correctly, and monitor closely the results during the project. Project managers are usually under a lot of pressure, especially when their deadline approaches.

What kind of tasks does a project manager take on exactly?

Project managers have to assume a number of different tasks on a daily basis, we gathered some of them here for you:


  • Negotiate resource allocation with higher management. Project managers are often under a lot of resource constraints and sometimes have to “run on fumes”. They often have to negotiate with their superiors to get the resources needed to deliver in time (staff, accounting or HR help, financial resources, or time for example).
  • Gather information and analyse the data available. The hardest part of a project-management job is decision-making. In order to make enlightened decisions, managers have to gather information from every member of the team and as many outsiders as possible, and turn it into actionable information and reports for their superiors.
  • Finally, the main task of a project manager is to coordinate the activities of the team members to ensure everyone is working with the same objective in mind. Good project managers have excellent leadership skills and inspire their team.

What do I need to do to become a project manager?

Project management jobs are usually for people with quite a few years of experience. However the number of years needed can vary widely depending on the industry. In the banking industry for instance, financial analysts usually reach project manager jobs after three to five years of experience, whereas a web developer can land a project manager job after only a couple of years.

Some education is usually required to get a project management job in a new company. Employers will usually require at least a bachelor in your field or in business administration, and sometimes even a Master’s degree. However, it is not uncommon that people without the traditional educational background make it to project management roles by proving their worth in their company and asking for a promotion at the right time. Asking for a promotion is a lot like asking for a raise, check out our advice on asking for a raise, hopefully it can help you make it to management positions.

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