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Operations Manager jobs in Uganda: insights

With the rapid economic development of Uganda, supply chain management and operational efficiency are becoming key strategic issues for many companies in the country. As a result, the number of operations manager vacancies has been increasing sharply over the past few years, and this trend promises to last for a long time.

A typical operations manager career starts as a business analyst in the operations department, or in the purchasing department. A lot of analysis will be involved, especially at the beginning, since operations often deal with very complex processes they are supposed to optimise further. Most of the major corporations these days operate on an international basis, meaning that operations managers often have to deal with clients, providers, and colleagues from all around the world. Following the typical career path, you might land a country manager job after three to five years, in a country where your company decides to set up a production facility for example. This will give you the opportunity to travel and build experience in a foreign country. If you do an outstanding job, you might land a Chief Operating Officer position after eight to ten years as country manager (in a different country usually).

Operations Manager: What kind of daily tasks do they deal with?

As an operations manager, your responsibility is to ensure that operations run smoothly. That essentially means fast throughput, high quality results with the lowest price possible. There are a number of tasks you will often find on your daily agenda, some of which might include:

  • Analysing reports to identify possible bottlenecks in the production chain and find ways to optimise processes by reducing cost, throughput time, or increasing quality.
  • Meeting with production facility managers to implement changes on site and report regularly to corporate headquarters about improvements
  • Designing production facilities and processes in collaboration with the human resources and financial departments to expand the company’s activity

What do I need to become an operations manager?

Recruiters generally look for applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in statistics or in business administration. If you hold an engineering diploma, you can still land an operations manager job in any kind of heavy industry, such as manufacturing, since processes are often quite complex scientifically. A chemist could very well succeed as an operations manager position in a chemical company, for example. Because of the responsibilities involved, operations managers are often required to have three to five years of working experience, preferably in an operations department or in the strategic procurement department.

The best operations managers have a deeply analytical mindset and can drill down complex processes to find the root problem. A creative, out-of-the-box mindset can also be a powerful asset, although operations tend to be more and more standardised in recent times.

If that sounds like you, perhaps you should consider an operations career: keep in mind you can find operations manager vacancies in any kind of company, from an airport to a bank to a car manufacturer, you will find numerous opportunities. Have a look at the open positions on Jumia Jobs. Register now on Jumia Jobs, and get in touch with the best recruiting companies in the country.

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