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Want to be an IT manager in Uganda?

Importance of an IT manager job?

In today’s world more and more companies are now reliant on technology. As a result, IT has become a very promising category for job openings. It is even more promising for developing countries like Uganda, where many companies are in the transition phase of becoming technologically equipped. Which means this a crucial role for many companies. The booming economy of the country has acted as a catalyst for this job role. Leading to a high demand for IT manager jobs in Uganda.

Thus there are a lot of IT manager vacancies available as well as many opportunities to work in a range of IT jobs. If you already have a lot of work experience, then it might be time for you to upgrade. You might consider a career in IT management. An IT manager job is perfect for the current economic environment.

Role of an IT manager

Your role would be to advise your organization on matters of Information Technology. You would help your company by providing them with IT services and solutions that will help them perform more efficiently and grow at a quicker pace. You could be either working in-house as an IT manager or you could be working in an agency assisting a client, where you would be an IT consultant.

As the IT Manager you would be reporting directly to the Chief Technical Officer, giving updates about progress and bottlenecks. You would have a team under you and a part of your role would be to make sure that everyone has the required hardware in office. You’ll also be required to keep track and ensure maintenance of all the office hardware. You will also be playing a managerial role over your team to make sure everything is in place and runs smoothly and to manage resource allocation. Another crucial role would be to provide software maintenance and recommendations on future planning.

There are going to be a set of duties to be performed by an IT manager. These are as follows:

  • Monitoring, maintaining, deploying, developing and upgrading all current IT systems
  • Manage and develop the IT staff, including, training and evaluation
  • Timely checking on team and clients for requirements and technical specifications
  • Manage financial aspects of the IT department, including, budgeting, purchasing and budget review
  • Making cost estimates and timelines for various IT projects
  • Evaluating projects after each stage of completion
  • Adjusting plans as and when needed
  • Meet with managers to discuss system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines

Requirements to fill an IT manager vacancy

A professional degree would be required and preferably in the field of IT. A business degree can also do but with a technical element in it like maths or engineering. You would need relevant work experience in order to have a job in IT management. An experience as a software developer or Network engineer can be essential as the employer knows it would help you in estimating timelines.

Your CV should not sound only technical, it should be a mix of business and technical. It is important that you have a business element as the employer would be looking for a person with good project management skills. The IT industry takes on going qualifications very seriously as it is the industry with the maximum spend on training. So, do not forget to show relevant on-going qualifications on your CV.

If this job appeals to you, do not forget to sign up and apply online. At Jumia Jobs we try to make sure that you end up getting the best offers.

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