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Want to be an electrician in Uganda?

What is an electrician?

An electrician essentially means a tradesperson who is involved in installing and maintaining electric systems in homes, businesses and factories. This may sound like a simple task but it is far more complicated.  A great way to illustrate the complexity of this profession is through a grid connection. In order to get electricity from the power source to the building, an electrician needs to have a excellent knowledge technical & theoretical knowledge  of electrical engineering and also the creativity to convert the electric system theory into practice.

With Uganda’s growing economy , the country’s infrastructure is on  the rise. This has led to a high demand for electricians and jobs in electrical engineering. After all, we need electricity to power all this infrastructure. Electricians lie at the core of these activities, as they can be extremely hazardous if proper safety guidelines are not followed when installing power. It’s not only construction where electricians are involved, they are also involved in various activities like electrical maintenance of  commercial or residential grids.

What does an electrician do?

All electricians use blueprints and mathematical theory to solve complex problems when installing electrical systems.. At the same time, the need to adhere to safety regulations to avoid injury. So if you love to exercise your brain while working, then this job is the perfect fit for you. The job requires to be careful at all times. The injury rate of this job is higher than the normal average. So if you are injury prone, we would advise you to work upon it before pursuing a career in electricity.

Apart from the above there are certain common tasks that every electrician needs to do:

  • Diagnose malfunctioning systems
  • Planning the layout of electrical equipment and fixtures
  • Provide maintenance to the existing systems
  • Connect electrical equipment to power supplies
  • Connect circuit breakers

Types of electricians

In order to help you decide where exactly your interest would lie, we have listed the various types of electricians

  • Residential electrician – these are the ones who install, maintain and upgrade electrical equipment in houses and apartments.
  • Commercial electricians – they are involved with doing installations at construction sites or factories. The work involves setting up of systems like heat treatment or commercial security systems.
  • Journeymen electricians – they work for maintenance of supply lines and setting up new ones. They are also involved in repairing overhead lines and taking care of the appointed electric grid.
  • Master electrician – This is a highly skilled electrician who has a lot of experience in the field. They play a supervisory role or are in their own contracting business.

Requirements for the job

To be an electrician a person is required to complete a degree in electrical engineering or to undertake  an apprenticeship for a number of years. Anyone can train in the field but it is always advisable for the person to be good with math and have a strong memory in order to get this work done with full efficiency. If you are an engineer and are looking for various other possibilities, we advise you to check our list of engineering jobs.

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