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Android Developer Jobs in Uganda

The position involves the development of applications for Android operating systems (OSs). These applications provide content on mobile devices that use this OS. The app market is not only massive but also expands internationally. Demand for apps is increasing dramatically as more and more people are buying smartphones worldwide. This is leading to an increase in android developer jobs in Uganda. These are part of a booming technology entertainment market worth billions of dollars. Android games make up a huge segment of this market, as people download and play many games on their smartphones. During commuting hours, you only have to look around you to see the volume of people playing on their phones, to understand its popularity.

A wide number of mobile phones use the Android OS meaning that developers require the skill and understanding in order to adapt content to a wide variety of platforms in a way that won’t inhibit the content of the app. Android development is about designing the system and infrastructure of mobile apps whilst building the content within these systems. It is a relatively new field with constant innovation in which companies are regularly striving to test boundaries and create the next generation of Android applications.

Android developer jobs involve working with other engineers in fast-paced, dynamic teams to build mobile systems. These teams are part of a wider product-based team made up of a variety of different disciplines. Some developers also work on a freelance basis and are hired by organisations as they are needed. The role involves developing apps at the back-end in combination with providing an intuitive user interface. This job role is just one component of the highly innovative IT / Software category. Given the size of the industry, it is a job role that offers great potential for growth, with some of the largest companies in the world offering android developer vacancies.

What does the role involve?

It is difficult to define the exact duties of the position as they can vary between jobs. However there are a number of common responsibilities:

    • Design and build applications for Android OS
    • Fix bugs and any issues during app construction
    • Strive to produce a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use
    • Create unique and original content
    • Translate plans and designs into actual code
    • Continually investigate new techniques to provide innovative solutions
    • Design features that are both relevant and interesting for the user
    • Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams
    • Periodically test issue resolutions

What skills are required to fill android developer vacancies?

Employers will look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a similar field. For highly competitive or more senior positions, they may also ask for master’s level qualification in the area. Additionally, experience working with Android is seen as essential. If you lack this is experience the best option may be to try and get an intern or trainee position as an Android developer and gather experience that way. The desired experience is generally focused on developing Android applications but may also specifically mention particular forms of architecture or coding, such as Java, or computer systems such as Linux. Also, a knowledge of technology and technological trends – in particular mobile platforms, would be an excellent addition to have. It is important for app developers to be able to put themselves in the shoes of those who will actually operate the application so they can understand their motivations, goals and habits, and thus maximise the potential usability of the product. They should also have an understanding of business in so far as they need to produce content that is commercially viable in order to be able to sustain app production . Further, as the application market is highly competitive, employers may look for candidates who have previous experience or understanding of the Apple iOS platform to aid commercial understanding of the type of content that competitors have produced.

The job role can be highly technical and requires good analytical capabilities. Problem solving skills are also desirable in order to deal with the bugs that will inevitably occur in any app development. Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills are also desirable as much of the role involves producing content with input from a variety of personnel. The position also requires high standards of attention to detail as even the slightest mistake could be compounded once the app is on the market. Rigorous rounds of testing and revision are necessary so attention to detail helps speed up the production process.

Android Developer vacancies offer an exciting chance to work in a dynamic field that is constantly challenging the boundaries of technology through impressive innovation. You will have the chance to work on projects to produce apps for users around the globe. Join this fast-paced working environment by applying through Jumia Jobs today. We bring you the first-rate employers so you can be sure to find the very finest positions with us. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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