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Quality Assurance Jobs in Uganda

The purpose of jobs in this field are to check the quality of the products at different stages and get rid of the items that differ from the quality standards. A quality assurance professional (QA) implements the planned and systematic activities mentioned in a quality manual. The process is about achieving consistent and reliable quality. Inherent in this is defining quality. In this instance it refers to a consistent performance capable of meeting or exceeding the necessary requirements and expectations. There are a wide number of quality assurance jobs meaning that definitions vary between roles and companies. One of the underlying shared grounds, however, is the importance of consistency – assurance work is about achieving consistency, regardless of the role. The industry is considered to be highly international due to the influence of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards that are introduced to improve and balance particular quality factors across the world. This involves defining requirements to ensure processes and systems operate to a particular level, as well as providing those working in quality assurance with a formalised criteria they can monitor against.

Growth in Uganda’s economy is leading to an increase in the number of quality assurance vacancies that are available. This growth means more and more organisations want to achieve consistency in the products and services they offer. A large number of job roles fall under the overall category including positions in construction, engineering, food and call centers. Due to this variability, jobs can be found both in metropolitan and rural areas.

Quality Assurance jobs – what can you find?

Job descriptions are variable and wide ranging, some positions in the market include: Financial Controller and Quality Assurance Manager. Uganda needs QA professionals in many different industries, from manufacturing to internet services and telecommunication services. Major activities of any quality professional from any industry will usually include:

  • Determination and introduction of quality standards that will be adhered to within an organisation
  • Development of planning protocols to monitor and control the product or services of the firm ensuring they are as per customer expectations.
  • Detection of flaws and loopholes in the product and service before it’s release into the market.
  • Perform timely audits and monitor development in all the nodes of the supply chain.
  • Analyse data to see where any problems in consistency may be occurring.
  • Acts to inform and resolve issues when any problems with quality do arise.
  • Monitor advancements in industry standards and those upheld by competitors.
  • Evaluation of the processes used to look for areas of improvement and potential efficiency advancements.

Testing is also a part of the industry. Before any newly developed product is launched into the market it becomes the responsibility of the QA team to test and verify if the product meets the company’s desired quality level and meets a customer’s set demands. A QA professional focuses on the flaws he/she observes during the testing process and reports backs to the development team.

Qualifications required for QA Jobs

In order to get a quality assurance job in Uganda, one would typically need at least a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Candidates with a degree in business management specializing in project management may have a better understanding of the protocols of quality assurance and hence may be better suited for the industry. How to interpret relevant information is learned on the job as QA professionals gain an understanding of the important factors to monitor. QA managers should be competent enough to manage all aspects of the quality process as well as train their team members. This requires significant organisation and given that small variations could affect quality, a good attention to detail is also important. The nature of the job requires the employee to be analytical and observational. A QA professional needs to have strong written communication skills so that team members and the company administration can be informed about test reports and standard protocols. As work may take place in teams, quality assurance vacancies should be filled by individuals with a good team ethic who enjoy working with others to achieve goals.

Quality assurance represents a sustainable jobs industry with good options for career development in Uganda. The range of diversity in the field means that if you hold the criteria listed above, you should be able to find a facet of assurance work that appeals to you. Through Jumia Jobs you can find that role, so start searching today!

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