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The recent economic boom in Uganda has not only benefited the population as a whole but has also created new professional careers and opportunities. The role of project manager features in industries and services sectors including IT & Software, startups, advertising, banking, legal, medical, engineering and Public relations. Project management tools include the ability to initiate, plan, execute, manage, monitor and control a project from its inception to completion. Project management entails the skillful application of knowledge, techniques and tools to a timetable-based set of activities designed to meet the project requirements. The kind of companies creating project management jobs in Uganda include engineering and energy firms, sleek startups, multinational pharmaceutical companies, legal firms, public services and consultancy firms, financial institutions and construction companies.

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In order to be head hunted or land one of the newly created project management job opportunities in Uganda, you need to fulfil some criteria. There are two avenues to the position of project manager: you can either work your way up from entry point or more junior positions within an organisation, or compete with internal candidates whenever there is an opening thanks to a portfolio of skills and qualifications that sets you apart from the rest. A degree is not always necessary to meet these criteria, however: previous experience and the necessary technical and soft skills can suffice to make you a successful candidate for project management job vacancies, whatever your background. Soft skills to fulfil this role include exceptional time management and prioritisation skills, superior written and oral communication and a proven ability to perform well under pressure. This is the reason why project management job opportunities are often very well remunerated: project management jobs salary can be competitive to reflect the level of responsibility and pressure entailed in a role.

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