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The main purpose of marketing is to create value for both the consumer and the company through the creation of interest and attention. Marketing is a wide-ranging industry involving four central pillars: price, promotion, place, and product. Jobs in this industry involve the key communication between companies and consumers, including creative input at all levels of the marketing process. Companies are increasingly moving to service-based opportunities, creating an increase in the marketing vacancies in Uganda. GDP growth is giving consumers from Uganda increasing disposable income and creating higher demand for products and services. So, as the economy grows, more and more people require the knowledge of what products and services they can buy. This is where marketing jobs in Uganda come in as marketing facilitates communication between companies and consumers.

A component of the value creation process, marketing jobs relate to a number of complementary roles and industries including sales, business development and strategy. Marketing managers need to create and communicate consumer and company value through developing promotion, distribution, and communication campaigns. The internet has created new job roles in Online Marketing, reflecting a growing industry to get involved in. Companies regard marketing as an extremely important component of their business, and marketing departments and organisations frequently have high potential for opportunity growth.

What kind of marketing vacancies are available in Uganda?

Marketing vacancies vary significantly but fall into a number of primary categories. Since all marketing communication is underpinned by market research, which includes an assessment of the market conditions and segmentation, as well as company and competitor capabilities, there are many vacancies available in market research. Additionally, the promotion component of marketing contains a number of positions of which a key component is advertising, which is the paid advancement of marketing communications through channels such as television, radio and magazines. Another important element of the promotion is public relations, which involves the management of the public image of a company through press-related activities. Roles in this area also include work on packaging and pricing, and fall under a number of marketing job roles. Increasing internet adoption in Uganda is leading to an increased demand for online marketing job roles. The influence of marketing is underpinned by its impact on sales, as one of its ultimate goals is to increase sales. Therefore the increase in marketing activity in Uganda has created a number of complementary sales vacancies in the country. Common marketing job roles include Marketing Manager, Online Marketing Manager, and Social Media Marketing Manager.

There are a number of different levels at which marketing vacancies in Uganda exist. For those with little direct experience or a specialisation in another area, marketing internships or part-time positions are likely to provide the best stepping stone, before gaining a traineeship or entering the industry on a full time position such as a marketing executive. Through experience and application, candidates can expect to move to more senior marketing roles such as marketing managers.

What are the requirements of a marketing job?

Bachelor’s degrees in marketing, communications, or similar business disciplines are usually required for jobs in the field, however the most important criteria is evidence of a bachelor’s degree that requires critical and analytical thinking. Companies typically favour applicants with experience, so if you’re lacking in this, why not try an internship or work experience to build up your experience? You can check out our guide on “how to write a perfect CV” so that you can start applying today! Most marketers work within specific marketing-based companies or within a marketing division of a larger company.

To achieve success in a marketing job, creativity and an analytical brain are key components. Marketers need to be capable of thinking outside the box, challenging perceptions, and most importantly, understanding how the lives of consumers can be developed. As with any job, communication skills are key as marketing involves a high amount of interaction both within the workplace and with external clients and customers. Marketing jobs typically require good presentation skills and computer literacy, as well as a general understanding of social media platforms and web 2.0 communications.

Getting a job in marketing guarantees you a foot in the door of one of Uganda’s key emerging industries, with supreme potential for job and income development. Jumia Jobs holds the key to the employment vacancies in Uganda’s marketing industry so if you’re looking to get involved in this exciting, forward thinking field, then look no further!

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