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Human Resources jobs in Uganda

If you are interested in landing a job in Human resources, today is the best time to start looking for an HR position. As the economy of Uganda grows, more and more foreign companies are entering the market and local firms are expanding. This economic growth calls for more employees, from low-skilled workers to highly qualified specialists, which is a lot of work for companies. To find new employees, firms need the help of qualified Human Resource specialists.

If you plan to build your career in human resources, you can look for a job in the HR departments of an organisation. Big firms usually have their own HR department where specialists are trained to find and hire those people who will fit the corporate culture. Human resources involve a number of different aspects, such as payroll administration and designing of compensation packages, making the office a great place to work, on-boarding of new employees and off-boarding of those leaving, as well as training, career planning, and personal development programs.

Smaller companies in general do not have a human resources department and outsource the recruitment and payroll administration. If you wish to work for several companies, this is probably a better choice as you will be in charge of hiring people for all kinds of different businesses in different sectors. You can find a number of jobs in Human resources in recruitment agencies. Some of them specialise in conducting interviews and examination, but there are opportunities for every specialisation.

What are the most popular human resources jobs in Uganda?

Starting out in Human resources, you could land an HR assistant job. After some years of experience and training, you may be able to move up the ladder to an HR manager job and start managing different projects and aspects of Human resources. After that, you may choose to specialise in one specific field:

  • recruiting – become a professional recruiter, conduct interviews for a recruitment consultancy, or for an organisation operating in a very specific business.
  • Administration – such as payroll administration and the design of compensation packages.

Uganda represents a whole new market for companies and job seekers, and is in need of specialists with deep knowledge of local specific, language, culture and traditions. You will therefore find a number of jobs in Human Resources in the country. HR helps both employers and workers to understand each other better and make the working atmosphere in the organisation comfortable and friendly.

What are the requirements to land a job in Human resources in Uganda?

Requirements vary widely according to the job role you are applying to. However, if you are to work in Human Resources, you need to be good at reading people and be an excellent communicator. Roles also commonly require a bachelor’s degree in human resources, management, or similar. Moreover, some knowledge of the employment laws might be required to enter the sector.

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