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Customer Support Jobs in Uganda

Job roles in this field center around the liaison between customers and companies. Customer support, also known as customer service, is about smoothing the relationship between these parties and providing a communication channel for queries, complaints and questions. Much of this communication takes place over the telephone, but this may also be supplemented by face-to-face or email communication. The provision of email and instant messenger support is increasing inline with the heightened uptake of computers. In Uganda, where computers and mobile devices are becoming evermore widespread, this process is increasingly possible online. Hence, customer support jobs in Uganda are growing. It is now seen as a global industry with major international corporations often outsourcing the function.

In highly diversified industries, customer support is increasingly seen as providing a notable competitive advantage. All market-aware organisations partake in the process, but some are better than others. The risk of not undertaking customer support is huge in the internet age. With so many people on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook, negative company reviews can spread in seconds and can reach millions of people in a short space of time. This illustrates how crucial the customer service function is in the 21st century.

A Customer Support Career: What is there to know?

Jobs within the area are about listening to clients’ issues and providing advice with the hope of resolving the issue. Jobs within the area vary, which means this process differs between positions. One such position is that of a Customer Service Manager – one of the most well-known job roles in the industry. Job roles are also becoming more common in the IT / Software category as users require assistance with their computer and telecoms issues. The main component of job roles in this area is dealing with customers. This involves direct communication to deal with requests and issues. Some common features found in job roles within the sector include:

    • Providing general information on products and services that the company offers
    • Listening to issues or problems that consumers have
    • Providing advice on how to resolve the issue
    • Dealing with further steps such as refunds or returns if the issue can not be resolved
    • Keeping records of communication that takes place between the company and the customer
    • Data administration from customer records

In some positions, the role also includes using persuasion to maintain customers and prevent them from leaving or terminating their account. Additionally, some positions help customers deal with delivery issues related to their purchases.

What is required for a Customer Support Job?

Employers typically look for candidates with a high-school diploma, however a degree is not usually required. This means that you can enter the industry without any formal training. What they do look for is the existence of a good understanding of how customer relations work. This means they want to see that you have the capacity to deal with issues in a personable manner and resolve these as best you can. Extensive product knowledge is developed on the job, in order to deal with customers’ issues.

Personal skills are extremely important in customer support jobs. As you are interacting directly, good interpersonal skills are a must. This should include excellent manners and understanding of social norms. Patience is important as customers can be challenging. It is also desirable to show sympathy with the customer so that they feel their needs are being taken care of seriously. Computer literacy is also valuable as data and comments are often used to keep track of customers and their product information.

Customer support vacancies provide a great opportunity if you have good people skills and like to help people deal with their problems. Jumia Jobs unites companies and employees to give you the best listings in the area, so start searching now and find your dream customer service position!

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