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Uganda’s Retail Industry

The industry is enormous: some of the most notable companies and brands in the world operate in the retail sector. Industry growth in Uganda is accelerating as the increase in consumers’ disposable income spurs their hunger for shopping. This growth means that retail employment opportunities are increasing rapidly to match demand. It’s both a domestic and an international industry with many brands operating locally and worldwide. Jobs in retail therefore exist across the world and have much in common regarding the positions and tasks performed. With retail experience you will have directly transferable skills meaning you’ll be able to apply these to retail positions outside the country.

The Government is supporting the retail boom, with economic conditions encouraging consumers to spend more. Socially, shopping is developing from a functional process, into a leisure activity where people go out to look for clothing or other products. Technological uptake in Uganda is also leading to a development in online retailers as consumers invest more in smartphones and computers. Retail companies are the last piece of the supply chain: they provide access to products to the end customers. They can sell any kind of product, from clothes to food and furniture. Usual retail stores are supermarkets, discount stores or department stores.

Large or small – what kind of companies operate in the industry?

Retailers are often large organisations and can spread internationally. Equally, they can be small, one-off shops that are not part of a chain. Companies in retail tend to be focused on the industry rather than operating in several industries simultaneously. The number of retailers operating nationally is growing, with a number of companies operating outlets nationwide. This means that jobs in retail in Uganda and logistics are spread across the country.

What kind of jobs are in retail?

The industry is so vast it provides multiple opportunities for retail vacancies in Uganda. A lot of employees of the retailing industry are in direct contact with the customer in customer service positions like cashiers or receptionists and can aid customer experience by providing help and suggestions . Retail also involves a lot of work in the field of supply chain management, stock management and information system management. These retail professionals need to make sure that all the products are always in stock with a minimal amount of loss. Retail companies also need accountants and finance managers to track and manage the influx of sales and costs, and calculate the performance of the shop. Positions are also available in merchandising where you are in charge of organizing the arrangement of the products in the store to maximize sales. Finally, store managers are in charge of one store, for big companies there are also region or country managers that are in charge of all the retail store in a given area.

Are there any requirements?

The skills needed to work in the industry vary by position. Lower level retail vacancies such as store staff are unlikely to require any degree-level qualification. Experience can be important in advancing within the industry. For higher level management positions and those within a specific discipline of the business, such as accounting, degree-level qualification is usually mandatory. To work in the retail industry, it’s helpful to have an interest in shopping and have great personal skills, whatever position you find yourself in.

The retail sector is known to provide a lot of entry job opportunities: as such, it is a perfect starting point for anyone willing to start a career, or as a summer job for students. People with experience in sales and marketing can also apply for higher-up positions in retail firms. Browse the local job offers on Jumia Jobs.sn and find the retail jobs in Uganda that you’re looking for!

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