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Jobs in Uganda’s Energy and Utilities Industry

We require vast amounts of energy to power our lives. Uganda is just one country in the global energy industry, supplying power and electricity both to inhabitants of the country, but also to those further afield in neighbouring nations. The industry is one of the largest in the world. Due to the necessity of energy to power much of our lives and the products that we use, Jobs in the energy industry are inelastic, meaning they are always in fairly constant and predictable demand.

The utilities industry is comprised of a number of factors to do with the generation, production, and distribution of sources of energy, as well as the management of power networks. Traditionally, this has focused on non-renewable resources such as coal, oil and natural gas. Recently however, governments and states worldwide are increasingly looking to diversify their power usage to renewable sources such as wind, solar, water (hydroelectric). This shift is as much social as political, having been underpinned by a realisation both that the non-renewable resources are running out fast, and also by their scientifically proven damage to the environment and the subsequent desire for conservation. Overall, this is being seen as ‘green consciousness’. Economically, the ball still remains in the court of those companies operating in the traditional sectors of non-renewables, with notable oil and petroleum organisations infamous for their revenues. New technologies are creating advances in both fields, for example the efficiency of solar panels is increasing extensively, whilst on the other side, fracking through releasing gas from stores underground is now more widely possible.

How does the future of the industry look?

The Government of Uganda is taking environmental measures to exploit these alternative sources of energy and develop this market domestically, in turn creating a lot of vacancies in the energy industry. The energy and utility sector is slowly becoming a driving industry in the country, with a lot of foreign firms being encouraged by the local government to bring their expertise in the country.

Employment opportunities in the energy sector are thriving, and a lot of different competencies are needed, in engineering and technological jobs in the energy industry in Uganda, for example, working in a power plant, or working on an offshore oil rig. Additionally, logistics jobs are also important in managing power networks and grids. Here are a few positions that you can get in the energy sector:

  • Engineering manager
  • Project manager
  • Finance director
  • Development director
  • Plant technician

The Finance / Accounting category also play an extremely important role in the industry. Extensive economic speculation takes place regarding future energy prices. In turn, this has led to a vast sector related to this, thus creating many jobs in the area.

Whether you want to be a nuclear engineer or wish to work on sustainable energies, the energy sector has so many various job opportunities that there has to be one for you. People who feel engaged towards the environment and want to actively participate in its protection can work for a renewable energy company in Uganda.

Job Requirements: filling a vacancy in the Energy industry

The degrees needed vary greatly depending on the type of job you want. With an engineering degree, you have a lot of opportunities, but a degree in business can also open doors in the utilities sector as marketing and business development positions are also hiring. The energy sector also needs HR and administrative specialists, as well as accountants. Any certificate in these fields can get you a job in an energy firm.

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