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Looking for a finance and accounting job in Uganda?

Uganda is currently an emerging economy with enormous potential. Historically Uganda was one of the major economic hubs in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately after several decades of political unrest the country has suffered economically. The new government has sought to enact policy changes aimed to reduce corruption, increase international investment and improve taxation. The country is doing what it can to put its turbulent past behind it and move forward. Jobs in finance and accounting are some of the most sought after positions in the economy of Uganda. Most graduates aim to secure a role in a finance or accounting role. These types of jobs are extremely popular for a very good reason, the salary. The average salary in the finance or accounting industry is one of the highest available in Uganda once you start to climb the corporate ladder, especially in the banking sector.

Accountant and finance specialists are needed in every industry in the country, from retail to service companies, to banking and tourism. Almost any industry you can think of will require either an accounts or finance department to manage to books. As the economy of Uganda continues to develop, so will the number of job opportunities available to accountants and finance managers. The scope of employment opportunities in Uganda is not limited to local companies, international companies operating in Uganda will also require the services of finance professionals, which can include: finance specialists, tax advisers, bookkeepers and advisors to help manage the finance side of the business. As Uganda has specific accounting rules, local accountants will be highly sought after working for large international companies.

What jobs will you find in finance and accounting?

There is a wide variety of jobs available for people who work in either finance or accounting. Some of them are related in their qualification requirements or job descriptions. Whilst others require a unique set of skills and education. Some of the most common fields you’ll find in this industry are listed out below.

First, financial services involve many different job descriptions. Financial analysts gather data about markets, companies and industries. They then compile this data, decipher it and offer relevant insights about current market trends. Risk managers identify and analyse an potential area of risk threatening a company’s earning capacity, assets or overall success. Money advisers help individual people manage their income and reduce their debts.

Investment management is primarily concerned with the professional management of a company’s assets, securities, etc. in order to meet specified targets or investment goals for both the company and any other investor. Asset managers will take care of the company’s property, while a credit managerwill help collect the customer’s payments. In this category you’ll also find pension managers and administrators all of whom have very different job roles and provide very different skills.

Tax advisers help a company make the best choices regarding the taxes they pay, and payroll managers take care of the salary distribution within a company. Finally, accountants manage the accounting data of a company. A position as senior accountant or chief accountant usually guarantees a high remuneration.

Which qualifications and skills do you need for a finance or accounting job?

In order to succeed as an accountant or finance manager you’ll need to pay attention to detail, be a focused individual and have excellent analytical thinking skills. It will also be very advantageous to have a passion for numbers and be skilled with all things mathematics. If you’re the kind of person who fits this description, you might find a career in accounting or finance rewarding. However, you need to keep in mind that in order to be considered for almost any position in a finance or accounting role, you need to have completed the proper education qualifications and licensing credentials. Many of the institutions hiring in Uganda will only consider job applicants who have a degree in either finance, business or accounting, or even a combination of any of these. Many companies in this industry will offer new graduates opportunities to complete an internship or work in their cadet program. Completing one of these programs will either lead to a full time job within the organisation or will give you an excellent stepping stone to another.

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