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An overview of the City

Kampala is the main city of Uganda as it is both the capital and the largest. Originally founded as one of the favourite hunting grounds of Mutesa I of the Buganda people (thanks in part to the impressive large numbers of various game and fertile hills and wetlands) the city is now the economic centre of Uganda. Kampala has a lot of features and infrastructure advantages that make it attractive to both businesses and people. Kampala is also the destination of choice for families as the education levels in the city are the best in the country. The main campus of the Makerere University, which is one East and Central Africa’s premiere higher learning institutes is found in the Makerere Hill district of Kampala. The same can be said for healthcare. The City has the best healthcare system in the country, although they still suffer from inadequate facilities and antiquated equipment

In terms of infrastructure, the city has the Entebbe International Airport – the largest airport in Uganda. The airport’s presence gives the city access to international trade, tourism and opening the doors for an expat community to flourish. Kampala has plans to improve and further develop the city’s bus system. With the completion of the Northern Bypass highway, the bus service now operates 24 hours a day and the fleet is expanding which means more areas will be covered by bus transport. Still, the most popular mode of transportation are Boda-bodas, which are form of local motorbikes. The Boda-bodas give great access to a lot of areas both within the city and outside of it. The popularity of these bikes is due in part thanks to their cheap fees – a standard fare will range from UGX 1,000 to 2,000, sometimes a little higher, and because they go everywhere. They are able to zip through rush-hour traffic, sadly they are often poorly maintained and can be dangerous. So caution must be used when considering the Boda-boda for transport.

A financial wrap up

When it comes to living in the city, Kampala is more expensive than most other parts of of Uganda. Although since the city is the largest and the capital, this is to be expected. On average people moving to the city should expect to pay UGX 605,833.33 per month for a one bedroom apartment in the city. If you don’t mind living outside of the city centre and commuting, a one bedroom apartment will cost on average UGX 310,000.00 per month. Which is a significant saving. However, if you live outside the city centre you will probably need to purchase a monthly transportation pass which should cost UGX 200,000.00 per month. Eating out at an inexpensive restaurant will most likely cost you around UGX 8,000.00 for a meal for one. Most people working and living in Kampala will usually live outside the city centre as the average monthly income is UGX 347,900, which is much higher than the national average of UGX 306,200.
Naturally the appeal of Kampala as a place to live and work has pushed the number people moving and now living the city up. As a result the unemployment rate in Kampala is at 11.4%, which is much higher than the national average of 4.2%.

People looking to work in Kampala will be happy to hear that all 25 commercial banks licensed to operate in Uganda have headquarters in the city. Meaning the city is a prime location for a budding financial sector with some excellent job opportunities and plenty of room for growth. The city is also home to the nation’s largest newspaper publisher the New Vision Group. The city also serves host to the Daily Monitor which is a member of the Kenya-based Nation Media Group, which is the largest media group in Central and East Africa. If you’re more technologically inclined you’ll find plenty of opportunity to work in both internet services or IT. There are also a lot of job opportunities in Kampala if you are keen to work in the NGO or for a non profit, Kampala will have something for you. Air Uganda also maintains its headquarters in the Kololo Hill district of Kampala. The city is also home to Crown Bottling Company Limited, which is the sole Pepsi-Cola franchise bottler in the country.


If you’re looking for your next career move, perhaps you should consider moving to Kampala and seeing what the city has to offer you. Even if you live in the city already, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to land your dream job, register now on Jumia Jobs to see the latest job listings and to speak with the country’s top recruiters. Keep checking Jumia Jobs for the best career advice and job opportunities in the country.

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