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About us

VSO is an international non-governmental organization that specializes in long term volunteering for development. The vision of the organisation is a world without poverty and its goal is to bring people together to fight poverty and disadvantage. VSO believes that it is only if people step forward either as local, national or global citizens that sustainable change can happen. By enabling people and, in turn, their communities, to play a more active role in development, volunteering provides the means through which the essential pre conditions for sustainable change- ownership, participation, empowerment and inclusion can be realised. Hence, VSO   promotes volunteering as a powerful and practical approach to tackle poverty and inequality. 

To this effect, VSO South Sudan, in partnership with the Institute for Promotion of Civil Society (IPCS) intends to implement a participation and governance pilot project that aims to empower local government capacity to support the delivery of social services as well as strengthening community structure to be the drivers of their own change- building social cohesion, resilience and self-reliance for sustainability. The programme is to demonstrate that it is possible in South Sudan for communities to be cohesive and purposeful: through support in the development of skills and commitment to participatory appraisals, analysis and decision making for common good and action. Under this partnership, VSO commits to support IPCS recruit and place national volunteers to work at community levels to enhance local capacity for a cohesive, resilient and self-reliant community.    

However, it is assumed that the concept of volunteering for development in South Sudan is not yet well understood and that commitment to volunteering is remote. As a result, this project intends to test this hypothesis and if proved wrong, IPCS will launch a full national volunteering programme for development. So, individuals who are keen to volunteer will be given the opportunity to exploit the benefits of volunteering.

IPCS is a national Non-Governmental and non-political organization founded in 1999 with an overall objective of working for a better functioning Civil Society in South Sudan. Its vision is: An informed citizenry and accountable leadership positively engaged in protecting human dignity, democracy and the development of the nation.  The organisation has a vast experience working with grassroots institution and is extremely well placed to address the challenges of South Sudan civil society organizations in developing their institutional capacity and at the same time improving its technical, organizational, and institutional competency levels to effectively respond to basic community needs and other global concerns.  This places VSO and IPCS at a par as great strategic partners. 


How we work

Our vision is simple: a world without poverty. Our approach is unique: sending skilled volunteers from sectors such as health, education and business to work with partners who have requested our help. VSO enables a two-way exchange that benefits the volunteer and the community they serve far beyond the life of the placement