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Full time
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Energy / Utilities
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Employer (Public Sector)
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Preferred Candidate

Career level:
Experienced (non-manager)
Bachelor's degree
Minimum years of experience:
2-5 years

Professional Skills

Problem solving, computer skills, team work

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Job Description

The Control and Instrumentation Engineer is responsible for the maintenance and installation of the standard gadgets and contraptions which are used to manage and regulate engineering processes and systems in the power plant and where the needs are specific/specialized, the engineer is responsible for the design, development and installation. He/she is responsible for the efficiency and safety of plant operation and will be knowledgeable in aspects of both soft and hardware engineering. Furthermore, the C&I will be the expert engineer responsible for the maintenance of existing gadgets used to control, monitor and regulate power generation processes and operations and the overseeing of any essential adjustments which need to be made to such gadgets. The C&I may also be responsible for overseeing testing procedures, writing reports and making sure that the instruments at the power plant comply with quality standards and safety regulations.
Key Responsibilities: Brief Description of duties or the responsibilities for the job
1) The Control and Instrumentation Engineer is responsible for the installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and repair of all power generation process control and monitoring instrumentation.
2) At the power plant, the (C&I engineer) shall be responsible for designing and developing modifications to the process control systems when necessary.
3) The C&I engineer shall be responsible for the supervision of installation and commissioning work by supplier/contractor.
4) Responsible for managing and/or maintaining equipment which is used to monitor and control the power plant control process systems and machinery.
5) The C&I engineer shall make sure that these systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently and safely.
6) C&I engineers need a thorough understanding of the operational processes of the power plant and have multidisciplinary role, including electrical, mechanical and computer technology.
7) The C&I engineers shall have and develop skills in specific control disciplines such as:
• advanced process control (APC);
• distributed control systems (DCS);
• programmable logic controllers (PLC);
• Electrical Power system protection;
• Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Etc.
8) The C&I shall be responsible for
• testing, maintaining and modifying existing systems where necessary
• Shall be responsible for analyzing electronic/digital data and presenting findings in written reports
• working collaboratively with operation engineers, the C&I shall be on call for emergencies
• Specifying replacement or new control and Instrumentation equipment for governors, generator, plant and switchyard protection systems etc.

Additional Information
1. Activities Relating to the Organization as a Corporate body:
Apart from the core activities listed above, the Control and Instrumentation Engineer (C & I ) Karuma/Isimba shall participate in activities of the organisation such as;
• Nomination to Contracts or any other committee.
• Carrying out Procurement Evaluations.
• Representing the Company when delegated at Corporate functions
• Where identified as able to provide specific or specialised knowledge, he/she shall be called upon to provide such expert opinion/knowledge.
• Data entry, Data and information Management, analysis etc.
• He/she may be required to carry out assignments that are not specified in this job description for the benefit of the organization or if it is deemed such assignment would improve his/her output capabilities and personal development.
2. Period of Construction and Prior to Scheduled Training Sessions
The Control and Instrumentation Engineer (C & I) shall be expected to participate in all activities leading to Installation and commissioning of the Karuma/Isimba Power Plant. .Key Activities outside scheduled Training sessions shall include;
• Document study – Construction and Installation Drawings –Learn the layout of C & I Installation and Installation Methodology and specifications.
• Review of Electromechanical (E & M) and Hydro mechanical (H & M) designs and Technical specifications
• Review of As-Built Drawings and manufacturers recommendations for C & I when such documents are handed over with the objective of determining adequacy and preparation of maintenance plan
• Study Manuals for completed Installations and Develop Work Packages for review and approval by relevant authorities.
• Review Hydro Power Plant C & I Job cards /Work Packages of other power plants such as Nalubale-Kiira complex and Bujagali with objective of sorting out applicable job cards/Work Packages to Karuma

Position Requirements

Education and Professional Requirements: The Minimum education level required to perform this job.
The qualification required for this position is a relevant undergraduate or postgraduate degree in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, Automation/Control engineering or software engineering. A postgraduate certificate which includes modules relating to control and instrumentation will be especially useful. A specific degree in control and instrumentation engineering is highly advantageous. Successful applicants will however undergo orientation and training in Hydro power plants
Related Job Experience/Qualification: The Experience required to perform this job.
Three (3) years previous experience in related field at a power plant or a manufacturing or processing plant is a big advantage.
Additional Skills: In addition to the experience and educational requirements listed above
Ability to understand, develop or design control and instrumentation soft and hardware packages.
Ability to specify replacement/spare parts.
Excellent analytical skills.
• A sound knowledge regarding safety measures
• Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving abilities
• Ability to work under stress and be on call at any time
• Good leadership, communication and motivation skills
• Strong skills in industrial communication networks, logic circuits and sequences
• Ability to work in a team as well as lead it
• Must be highly organized, systematic and precise in work
• Strong computer skills including the ability to use design software and prepare spreadsheets and use Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Power Point and/or Access) to analyze data and trends

About the Company


UEGCL is a body corporate, incorporated under the Companies’ Act (Cap 110), the Laws of Uganda and in conformity with the Electricity Act, 1999. The company was incorporated in March 2001 to operate and maintain the formerly UEB’s Generation Stations at Nalubaale and Kiira Power Stations, and to complete the construction of Kiira Power Station.

UEGCL’s mandate changed from operations and maintenance of the Electricity Generation Complex in Jinja (NPS and KPS) to concession monitoring when the complex was concessioned out to a concessionaire (ESKOM (U) Ltd) for 20 years effective April 2003. The change in mandate requires UEGCL to ensure that the complex is operated and maintained in accordance with the acceptable utility standards, and preservation of the facilities. With the completion of Kiira Power Station, UEGCL moved on to development of other large and small hydropower stations in various parts of the country.


To be the leading power producer in the Great Lakes Region


To sustainably generate reliable, quality and affordable electricity for socio-economic development.


• To generate power that will be able to meet the ever growing needs of the domestic market and a surplus that will be exported to neighboring countries.

• To monitor the operation and maintenance of existing plants.

• To oversee the efficient production of electricity power in the country.

• To monitor the effects of electricity generation on the environment and develop appropriate policies in line with International Standards.

• To engage in research and consultancy so as to contribute to the development of the energy sector.

• To develop the organization to enable it fulfill and deliver on its mandate and project a positive image


• Increase hydropower installed capacity by 50% from 380 MW to 1,163 MW by 2018;

• Grow revenues by an average of 45% per year;

• Improve the financial health from loss of 11 billion to a profit of 2 billion in three years;

• Optimization of costs and operations to generate more electricity during peak load hours;

• Improve investment and operational efficiency with the aim of being the low cost generator in the region to support government initiatives of keeping tariff affordable and competitive;

• Stepped up condition monitoring of ageing assets at Nalubaale power station for improved performance with respect to plant availability and reliability;

• UEGCL accreditation to ISO Standards for QMS, Asset Management, Safety & Environment;

• Establishing a Training Centre and Professional Services Unit for sustainable energy systems

• Build local capacity for operation and maintenance of Karuma and Isimba Hydropower plants and support government initiatives of providing employment to the youth.


• Integrity

• Innovation

• Accountability

• Safety

• Sustainability




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