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About us

What we do

We provide short term life-saving care for children, trace their extended families and reunite them. If no family members are found, we find a foster or adoptive family. We aim to do this within six months - any longer than that in care can cause irreversible damage to a child.

We believe in social work. Good social work is the difference between a child growing up in an orphanage and growing up in a loving family. So we want to spread best practice in social work.

Our story so far

Lucy Buck set up Child’s i Foundation in Uganda in 2009. Government policy there states that orphanages and institutions should be the last resort for children, and for the shortest time possible. Yet 50,000 children are growing up in Ugandan orphanages.

Lucy wanted to prove that it was possible to resettle these children with extended, foster and adoptive families instead. Since then, Child’s i has found homes for over 140 children.

In 2012, we established Uganda’s country’s first Social Work Centre of Excellence. This is helping spread the good social work that helps more children grow up in loving families.

We helped start the Ugandans Adopt campaign in 2011 to encourage more Ugandan families to adopt children who need a home. It’s been so successful that we have a waiting list of families ready to adopt.

What’s next?

Now that we have proved that children can grow up in families instead of institutions, we want to spread our successful model to change the lives of other children around the world. And we want you to be part of it.

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